Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mailbox Care and Warranty

    Can Bobi mailboxes be painted?

    Yes, your Bobi mailbox can be painted. However, this will void your warranty. The zinc-plated, polyester coated surface is designed and constructed to withstand the harshest elements and with proper care and cleaning, will last for years and years to come. If you decide to remove the protective coating and paint your Bobi, ensure the best adhesion possible by thoroughly cleaning and drying your mailbox, applying a primer, and only using a paint designed for outdoor use.

    What is the warranty for Bobi products?

    We guarantee our Bobi products against defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and proper assembly, for a period of one year from date of purchase.

    What do I provide to Bobi in the event of a warranty issue?

    In the event you need to file a warranty claim for a Bobi product, email us with a description of the defect and any images showing the same, along with proof of purchase (receipt, online store order confirmation, etc.). We will review your claim and get back to you within 1 to 3 business days.

    How should I maintain my mailbox?

    Mailboxes are often located by the side of the road and exposed to traffic pollution and other
    impurities in the air. Together with rain, UV radiation, and winter conditions, these impurities put a strain on the coating and the lock. Annual maintenance is recommended to extend the lifespan of your Bobi mailbox. Here are some maintenance notes:

    1. Wash using a mild cleaning agent.
    2. Rinse well and dry the surface.
    3. A clean surface may be polished with car wax.
    4. A polished surface will repel dirt better. Note: do not use wax if your Bobi mailbox has a structural coating (flat black, for example)
    5. Lubricate the lock with a quality oil lubricant.
    6. Check that the letter plate and the access door move freely.

    Bobi mailboxes are durable products and with regular care, they will stay sleek and functional for years.

    How can I protect my product against harsh weather?

    Bobi Mailboxes are made of zinc-plated steel with a polyester coating, and designed with a watertight seal around the access door to prevent water from entering the mailbox. Even so, we recommend you take these protective measures:

    • Do not install mailboxes or posts in the path of sprinklers.
    • If you mount your Bobi to a wall, keep in mind: wall mount mailboxes are designed to mount under roof soffits or other protective barriers. While Bobi mailboxes are designed to resist the weather, direct rain can infiltrate wall mount mailboxes if installed in open areas.
    • Keep your mailbox clean. We suggest wiping it down every season, with a clean cloth and a mild detergent. This removes dirt and dust buildup.
    • The polished mailbox finish can be coated with car wax (note: do not use wax on structural finishes). Because we don’t maintain a list of approved cleaners, we recommend you test a small, hidden area of your product before using any cleaner.
    • If you want to install your mailbox into a wall or other structure, such as a masonry column, please consult a qualified carpenter or mason. Discuss the potential for water intrusion with a professional and make sure they install the mailbox to prevent water pooling and promote drainage.
  • Purchasing and Returns

    Why is pricing not shown on your website?

    Because Bobi Mailboxes are sold through authorized retailers, we do not display prices on our website. The best way to find prices for Bobi products is to shop one or more of our authorized retailers.

    Can I return my product(s) directly to Bobi Mailboxes?

    No, we do not accept returns except under the conditions of a warranty claim. If you purchased a Bobi from one of our authorized retailers and wish to return it, you should request a return from that retailer directly. This will ensure you get faster results, as the retailer from whom you purchased will have your order history and any other relevant information.

    Can I buy your products directly from you?

    We do not sell directly to the consumer at this time. But consumers are welcome to purchase through one of our authorized retailers either online or in store (if available).

    If you are an authorized dealer, we will provide you with instructions for how to purchase.

    Where do I find my invoice and purchase order number?

    You can find this information on your Order Confirmation, or packing slip and shipping label.

  • Mailbox Installation

    Are Bobi mailboxes USPS approved?

    Yes, provided that you install your mailbox according to USPS regulations.

    The mailbox must be placed on the right-hand side of the road in the direction of travel of the carrier. The mailbox must be placed to conform with state laws and highways regulations and must be accessible to the carriers from their vehicles. Contact your local post office before installing the mailbox to ensure its correct placement and height at the street.

    A curbside mailbox must bear a box or house number, inscribed in neat numerals at least 1 inch high in the side of the box or on the door if boxes are grouped. The mailbox may also bear the owner’s name, if desired.

    Is mounting hardware included with my mailbox?

    Yes, mounting hardware is included for both post and wall applications.

    How do I install my new Bobi?

    When installing your new Bobi mailbox, we recommend referring to the installation manual, which provides detailed instructions for both the Round post and wall mount applications.

    Can I display house numbers on my Bobi mailbox?

    Yes. To display house numbers, you can purchase the Engravable Name Plate with Holder as an option with your Bobi Mailbox. The name plate can go above the mail slot or below the front access door. However, we recommend placing the name plate above the mail slot.

    Can I mount my new Bobi to my existing post?

    It is possible, but may require some modification to meet USPS requirements. It will usually depend on the existing post specifications.

  • Key Blanks, Parts, and Accessories

    Are key blanks available in-store?

    Yes, we distribute key blanks through our authorized retailers.

    Can I get my mailboxes keyed alike?

    No, at this time we do not offer the option to key multiple mailboxes with the same lock. However, you could consult a local locksmith if you wanted to have this done.

    How many keys come with my mailbox?

    Three keys are always included with your Bobi mailbox.

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