Bobi Parts and Accessories

  • Parts & Accessories

    Parts & Accessories

    Whether you would like a personalized nameplate, additional security or extra locks and keys, we have the parts and accessories you need to outfit your Bobi Mailbox.

  • Stainless Steel Security Baffle

    Stainless Steel Security Baffle

    For added security and peace of mind, the Stainless Steel Security Baffle is a tooth-edged anti-fishing comb that deters would-be mail thieves from using hands or tools to retrieve mail from the incoming mail slot. Standard on the Jumbo model, the security baffle can also be easily installed onto front-loading Grande and Grande Slim models.

  • Non-Locking Thumb Latch

    Non-Locking Thumb Latch

    Do you prefer an unlocked mailbox? Bobi locks can also easily be replaced with a Bobi keyless lock, which opens simply by turning the latch and creates an easy access point for your daily mail retrieval.

  • Replacement Lock and Keys

    Replacement Lock and Keys

    The Bobi lock is a quality cylinder lock with a dust cover. 3 keys are included with your lock purchase as well as with your original mailbox purchase.

  • KT or TK Replacement Keys

    KT or TK Replacement Keys

    Because Bobi’s steel keys are European made, it can be difficult to find duplicate or replacement blanks at a chain home center or hardware store. Simply purchase your Key Blanks and take them to your local professional locksmith along with one of your original Bobi Keys. A locksmith will usually charge about $3.00 to make a copy of a key when you supply an original key and blanks. Be sure to find a certified professional locksmith rather than the typical hardware or chain store, as they usually can only make simple, one sided keys.

  • Engravable Nameplate with Holder

    Engravable Nameplate with Holder

    Personalize your Bobi mailbox with a stylish, engraved nameplate. Available in many colors, iIt is best installed under the incoming mail slot or underneath the mail retrieval door.

  • Flanges for Surface Mounting

    Flanges for Surface Mounting

    With the purchase of Bobi Flanges, all freestanding Bobi Round Stands can be installed onto a hard surface, such as stone, concrete or asphalt. Made of stainless steel, the flanges anchor Bobi Round Stands to hard surfaces when in-ground installation is not an option. The flanges are fastened inside the shortened* Bobi Round Stand and secured to the surface with bolts and fittings (not included) suitable for the material. Two flanges are required to secure each Bobi Round Mailbox Stand.

    Please note: to ensure a safe and correct surface mount, the Bobi Round Stand will need to be shortened prior to installation.

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